During the past few decades, globalization and cross-cultural interactions have significantly transformed the Ghanaian society, making it a site of contestation, of conflicting business interests and the struggle for economic and social power.

It is within this perspective of the transformation of the indigenous Ghanaian society that the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) emerged.



1.         VISION


The vision of CIBT is to become a leading Institution devoted to providing an intellectual, moral and social environment that responds to the needs of a diverse and rapidly transforming society. CIBT is committed to providing both the intellectual and social environment that responds to the needs of a diverse and rapidly transforming society in which graduates are prepared, not only for a promising and productive career or participating in the global economy, but also for promoting the growth of socially responsible and ethical leaders.



2.         MISSION


The mission of the Institute is to create a distinctively Catholic institution in which Catholicism is effectively operative and education is truly geared to modern society. CIBT therefore provides a professional education that opens doors in any area of human endeavour through the combination of business, arts and science courses, so that students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, economic and political environment in which they live. Students also have the opportunity to expand their horizon by exploring other areas of study, outside their specialized fields, which will help them develop that flexible thinking critical for successful leadership in any organization.



3.         OBJECTIVE


Through an innovative curriculum, CIBT aims at producing graduates of the highest caliber who are committed to service and leadership in both the private and public sectors of the national economy. CIBT education trains students to be analytical, communicative, problem solving and decision making oriented – the kind of intellectual skills needed by leaders who are solution-creators and critical thinkers in any environment.

CIBT’s classes are designed to be INDUSTRIAL based – blending intellectual rigour with collaboration with industry, motivating students to explore their goals and strength both inside and outside of the classroom. CIBT focuses on learning through hands-on experiences with up-to-date high-tech tools, using a variety of teaching methods and practical experiences to challenge the student and prepare him/her to excel in any career. The student may wish to work for a major corporation, enter the Public Service or even dream of transforming his or her passions and interests into career opportunities in the future. Through a wide range of required and optional courses offered at CIBT, students develop fundamental intellectual and professional skills while exploring all their options and interests. There are endless career possibilities for which the student may prepare himself/herself.